On 8/25/05, Marc Groß <marc-gross@web.de> wrote:
Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> i mean if you run top - what process is eating all the cpu? or is it just that
> the cpu meter in e_monitors goes crazy by itself for no reason and nothing is
> actually eating cpu?

I had exactly the same problem with Eterm. I also tried it under DR16
and everything went well, so I'm quite sure, it's a problem with DR17.
The process going crazy is X (in my case Xorg 6.8.2 under gentoo). When
I had that problem I finally ended up deleting ~/.e after that
everything was fine again. Before this happend, I tinkered a bit with
enlightenment_remote. I'll try to find out what caused this behavior.
btw: The cpu meter acted very strange when that happened: It showed
cpu-usage up to 200%.

Oh.. thanks!
I'm also using gentoo and Xorg 6.8.2-r2.
I was suggested to check my 3d acceleration graphics.. which I'm not using. Maybe if I start using it, something changes. Anyway, if nothing else works, I'll just clean ~/.e Thanks for the tip!
I never noticed the cpu meter going up to 200.. but it reaches 101 very easily :)