now it started to do it again. I had 2 urxvt terminals open and the CPU-load was going fine.. but suddenly changed. The monitor module shows: 100% of cpu-load. This is the output of top:

top - 11:13:11 up  1:21,  0 users,  load average: 2.46, 2.32, 2.27
Tasks:  75 total,   3 running,  71 sleeping,   0 stopped,   1 zombie
Cpu(s): 64.9% us, 34.4% sy,  0.0% ni,  0.0% id,  0.0% wa,  0.3% hi,  0.3% si
Mem:    515928k total,   510084k used,     5844k free,    64580k buffers
Swap:   506036k total,      804k used,   505232k free,   238072k cached

26775 nando     25   0  4904 2016 1476 R 51.5  0.4  26:56.27 urxvt                                 
 8687 nando     16   0 56276  26m 5732 R 15.6  5.3   7:09.02 enlightenment-0                       
 8814 nando     15   0 64480  46m  24m S 12.6  9.3   4:53.28 amarokapp                             
 8556 root      15   0 51576  15m 2792 S  7.6  3.1   5:37.37 X  

I don't know if that's anything to do with it, but one terminal name is "urxvt" and the other is "rxvt-unicode". The latter was started at startup while the former started though iBar. After I killed "urxvt", all went back to normal.


On 8/22/05, Fernando Meira <fmeira@gmail.com> wrote:
Ok... it looks revenge...
Now it works ok... for the first time!! From iBar and from Menu (start).
If that happens again, I'll check that out.

On 8/22/05, Fernando Meira < fmeira@gmail.com> wrote:
Oh.. I see..
I'm give you the answer in a few minutes... I'm compiling some stuff here, so I'll let it finish before I check that!
I was only looking in the CPU monitor from e_modules.

On 8/22/05, The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler < raster@rasterman.com > wrote:
On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 09:14:02 +0000 Fernando Meira < fmeira@gmail.com> babbled:

> > what's using the cpu?
> nothing!
> I also use the same .eap file to start urxvt on startup and that works fine.
> But starting it from iBar or from the menu (left-click on bg) sends CPU to
> 99 - 101%. Having something running at the same time or not, does not change
> anything. It's strange.

i mean if you run top - what process is eating all the cpu? or is it just that
the cpu meter in e_monitors goes crazy by itself for no reason and nothing is
actually eating cpu?

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