I still haven't found what could be the problem so that urxvt started from iBar send CPU to 100% and goes ok if started from a terminal.
Also, I been using e17setroot -s bg to produce fake_transparency on terminals (urxvt) and erss. The problem is that I have to use e17setroot every time I reboot my laptop. Do I have to it in some init script to be launch at login or there's a way to make it once per all? (i use it on .edj files).


On 8/17/05, Fernando Meira <fmeira@gmail.com> wrote:
Ok, I found the problem.
When I start urxvt from another terminal (xterm) all goes fine.
When I start urxvt from iBar (with the same options) the CPU monitor blows away..

On 8/17/05, Christoph Gysin < cgysin@gmx.ch> wrote:
Fernando Meira wrote:
> Regarding the cpu-usage, I was using the following options:
> urxvt -tr -sh 95 -tint white +sb -geometry 100x32, and with this, the
> monitor fly to 101%!
> With urxvt -tr +sb it behaves much better..

I use:

$ urxvt -rv +sb -tr -fade 70 -sl 5000 -tint white -sh 40

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