On 8/17/05, Christoph Gysin <cgysin@gmx.ch> wrote:
Fernando Meira wrote:
> Oh.. ok.. I had the idea that it wouldn't work for edj files. I think
> I've tried before with no success.. probably messed up that time. I'll
> try it again, thanks.

This feature is relativly new, very probably it wasn't possible the last time
you checked...

hmm.. or that, or I am using it wrong:
 $ Esetroot -s .e/e/backgrounds/e17-tree.edj
Esetroot:  Unable to load image file ".e/e/backgrounds/e17-tree.edj".

still can't..:(

> But, I don't know if I can use this so much as I wanted. This because
> when I start urxvt with transparent bg my CPU monitor goes crazy... it
> stays on 99%-100% for the all time I have the terminal open. Something
> that could be wrong?

Definitly. I have 6 urxvt's open with transparent bg, CPU usage is under 1%...

ohh.. strange then. With which options you start urxvt?