I've added the language pt_PT as "portuguese" and not "portuguese (Portugal)".
The missing files are uploaded and their translation are appearing.
Maybe you'll have to change the file names if you use the export script.

It's nice to see that the work for Esperanto is useful to other languages ;)


2012/12/7 Sérgio Marques <smarquespt@gmail.com>

2012/12/7 Sérgio Marques <smarquespt@gmail.com>

2012/12/7 Olivier . <eliovir@gmail.com>

I've imported all translations from SVN to Launchpad.
This means that the strings from SVN were enriched by those of Launchpad.

Hi Oliver,

In launchpad there is no translation for elmdentica and e_pattern_lock.

They exist in svn but with as pt_PT  cause developer said so. But its the same. The file for pt will never exist in those.

If You can/want You can make them as pt in launchpad.


Also comp-scale exist in svn and not in launchpad. Check http://trac.enlightenment.org/e/browser/trunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/comp-scale/po?order=name 
Sérgio Marques

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