I've imported all translations from SVN to Launchpad.
This means that the strings from SVN were enriched by those of Launchpad.

So if someone else wants to use the web interface of Launchpad, it can be done since now.

Currently, the translation policy is "Structured"
"only [..] person or members of [a language] team can review and accept translation strings for that language."
More restrictive policies exist: https://launchpad.net/+help-translations/permissions-policies.html
So, the languages which are managed not only throw Launchpad will diverge again (and are already different).

There is a script to export the messages from command line.

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2012/12/5 Eliovir <eliovir@gmail.com>
Le 05/12/2012 22:35, Massimo Maiurana a écrit :

Aníbal, il 05/12/2012 21:59, ha scritto:
I take a look at the launchpad page, and I see that it doesn't display
correctly the stringstranslated, eg. any strings translated into
Galician, this can lead to confusion, no?

You're right, the current Launchpad is only updated with the .pot files, not the .po files.

Even if I talked a little bit about msgmerge/msgcat, I did not implemented a way to import the translations from SVN to Launchpad.

The first idea was to allow translation of Esperanto, as each others languages are managed by few people by this list.
AND because the Esperanto translation team uses ONLY Launchpad to translate Enlightenment.

As said, if a translation team wants to use only Launchpad, I can find a way to import the translations using msgmerge/msgcat (I did not think about the method to do that). There is a script to export the messages from command line.