Yes, you can see the script. I've put it in the code.

The direct link to see it is

And to export the translations into an archive: .

- Launchpad updates the translations in the export branch once a day.
- I do not put the script in a cron task on my computer. I'm waiting a little bit to see if all is OK. (and currently, I'm away)

If you see something wrong, do not hesitate to tell me or to write a bug report ;)


2012/11/30 Massimo Maiurana <>
Eliovir, il 30/11/2012 08:19, ha scritto:

> This is the list of available templates:

great, thanks! :)
this way everybody can contribute even without knowing anything about
generating templates.

how do you generate your templates? if I'm not wrong you talked about a
script, if it's really so can you share it?


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