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This must be the very good historical step.
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Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)

On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 10:11 PM, ryuan Choi <> wrote:

= Ewebkit 1.11 alpha taballs =

I'd like to share new ewebkit tarball as the first attempt to release ewebkit library.

Although version is 1.11 like EFL and Elementary, I think that it's still unstable.
So, I hope that there are many requirements and tests (and supports).

== Source ==
branch : ewebkit-1.11
(master branch is for sync with

== Download ==

== NEWS ==
From the previous snapshot,

  * WebKit1/EFL was dropped.
  * fixed color picker bug (<intput type="color">)
  * refactor vibration API.
  * Add ewk_application_cache_manager APIs
  * Add an API to set process model
  * Add ewk APIs to control TLS error policy on WebContext
  * Add ewk_view_bg_color_set
  * Add API to get contents size of current web page.
  * Removed NETWORK_INFO.
  * Refactor favicon database APIs
  * Add ewk_view_fixed_layout_size_set|get()
  * Use default context for ewk_view_add
  * Change ewk_view_settings_get to ewk_page_group_settings_get
  * Add new Public API in ewk_download_job.h to get size of the data already downloaded.
  * Add a "focus,notfound" signal.
  * Provide VERSION information in EWebKit2.h like EFL and Elementary.
  * Media Control of video tag is changed from edj to HTML/javascript.
  * Enable CSS Filter
  * Turn off Indexed Database
And many common webkit(WebCore,JSC) changes.

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