Today's release candidate of E17, [OMEGA 12], is the last pre-release;
on Friday we will see the final release of Enlightenment DR 0.17.

* Translation updates
* Compile fixes on non-linux platforms
* Restoring default keybindings now restores all of the default keybindings
* Same as above for mouse wheel bindings
* Fixed a number of potential buffer overflows and memory leaks
* Even more wallpapers
* Tiling module now handles maximization of windows more effectively
* Improvements to Window Remembers config dialog
* Clock gadgets now scale the date
* Fixed issue where radio widgets could have no radio item toggled
* Pager config dialog now shows button names
* Tiling module improvements when moving/resizing tiled windows
* Improved RandR dialog
* Navigate menu's "Current Directory" now works correctly when activated on files and removable media
* Filemanager no longer loses icons which caused a DND operation failure
* Filemanager now properly handles DND operations where the target is the icon of a removable device
* Starting with an invalid configuration is now much less likely (nearly impossible) to result in a complete failure
* Triggering Everything repeatedly no longer causes a crash
* Refresh button on filemanager toolbar is now functional
* Scale config dialog now detects changes properly and closes on apply
* Shelf changes/deletions no longer create artifacts
* Gadgets on shelves no longer sometimes show the wrong style in menus
* Fixed crash when filemanager preview popup was present during directory refresh/change
* Fixed a number of issues which prevented various locales from functioning or detecting correctly
* Main applications menu no longer generates in a thread :(
* Filemanager toolbars can no longer trigger crashes when deleted
* Filemanager toolbars now store their position
* Filemanager now more capable of opening .desktop files linked to directories
* Filemanager toolbar path items now create and delete correctly
* Filemanager no longer allows renaming files into/onto directories and other files
* "Show files in menu" option removed from filemanager
* [THEME] Cursor icons

* E17 OMEGA - 81287

In keeping with the tradition that I started last Friday, today has a bonus release which includes work
from the international EFL superhero, Bruno Dilly! In addition to the internationalization skills of Igor Murzov
and the translation abilities of Massimo Maiurana, we have put together a module that serves as nothing more than
a very entertaining time-waster: I give you [ECHIEVEMENTS v1]!

* Echievements v1