This release of E17, LUCKY RUBBER DUCKY, has a much better name than what was originally proposed.

* EFL requirements now bumped to 1.7.3
* Translation updates
* Wallpaper previews now maintain aspect ratio when dialog is resized
* Backlight gadgets update themselves on backlight change
* Filemanager now capable of loading large directories more quickly
* Filemanager "New Directory" action renames files inline
* Menu item layout no longer resizes randomly
* Filemanager drag-n-drop no longer causes crashes in most scenarios
* Xmodmap settings no longer overwritten when changing keyboard layout
* Filemanager properly shows files again if a drag-n-drop operation fails or pauses
* Orientation changing on shelves no longer duplicates the shelf
* Evry file browsing now shows mime types more accurately
* Tons of small memory leaks fixed
* Theme selection dialog now shows actual preview of theme instead of wallpaper
* Temperature module no longer leaks fds on some platforms
* Pointer warping now more effective when changing desks
* "Share" button on screenshot dialog now leads to a confirmation dialog
* [THEME] Filemanager icons
* [THEME] Pixel border style removed
* [THEME] Pixel border style added
* [THEME] Pixel border style now has focused effect

* E17 LUCKY - 80969

Today is also a momentous day for international EFL superhero, Bruno Dilly, who has
released Etrophy 0.5.0 and 0.5.1 today:

* Etrophy 0.5.1