2012/11/12 Igor Murzov <e-mail@date.by>
On Sat, 10 Nov 2012 08:17:22 -0300
Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira <vini.ipsmaker@gmail.com> wrote:

> 2012/11/9 Michael Blumenkrantz <michael.blumenkrantz@gmail.com>
> > Any assistance from translators, bug fixers, and testers is great
> > appreciated
> > from here on out.
> >
> I have some spare time now and I can review and finish the translation for
> brazilian portuguese before the release. How can I help (where I download
> the translation files

Translations are stored in po/ subdirectory of enlightenment source code
tree. The file you are looking for is po/pt_BR.po. You can find the
latest version of it in the svn repository. Run following command to check
out the latest source:

  $ svn co http://svn.enlightenment.org/svn/e/trunk/e/

After dowloading the source code, enter e directory and execute this command to generate pot. file

xgettext -o enlightenment.pot --directory=. --files-from=po/POTFILES.in \
  --keyword=_ --keyword=d_:1 --keyword=P_:1,2 --keyword=dP_:1,2 \
  --keyword=N_ --keyword=NP_:1,2 --from-code=UTF-8 --foreign-user \
  --copyright-holder='Enlightenment development team' \

> what programs can I use to edit it, ...)?

You can use poedit, lokalize and even an text editor.

You can also check pt.po to get some ideas. I´m the Portuguese translator and i´m already using Spell Agreement from 1990 so most of strings are identical. You only have to adjust some strings like Save or File cause they have different translations in both languages.

If You need more help send an email to this list.

Sérgio Marques