2012/11/27 Aníbal <khanyux@gmail.com>
En 27/11/12 14:50, Sérgio Marques escribiu:

So what do I need to append to generate correct .pot file?

As Massimo said, you need to add the options "--keyword=EVRY_PLUGIN_BASE:1 --keyword=EVRY_ACTION_NEW:1" to xgettext:

xgettext -o enlightenment.pot --directory=. --files-from=po/POTFILES.in --keyword=_ --keyword=d_:1 --keyword=P_:1,2 --keyword=dP_:1,2 --keyword=N_ --keyword=NP_:1,2 --keyword=EVRY_PLUGIN_BASE:1 --keyword=EVRY_ACTION_NEW:1 --from-code=UTF-8 --foreign-user --copyright-holder='Enlightenment development team' --msgid-bugs-address='enlightenment-devel@lists.sourceforge.net' -p /dir/output

You can see on each file on /po/Makevars subdir the updated options that need be added to xgettext.

Got it. Thanks.


Sérgio Marques