2012/11/14 Massimo Maiurana <maiurana@gmail.com>
Sérgio Marques, il 12/11/2012 11:16, ha scritto:
> Now with composite mode translatable I have some questions. My graphic card
> doesn´t work with module enabled and gives me constant crashes an I can´t
> check what these options do or mean. Can someone help me?

here are the answers from raster in the devel ML:

> Send flush

compositor sends a flush command to the app when it thinks the app should
flush caches (image/font/edje). (it's a complex efl internal and thus why its
in advanced).

> Send dump

like send flush, but more drastic (dump stuff even actively used out of memory)

> Flags

flags is the same flags as programmers use - a flags field - which flags does
the window have set.

> Over

over is short for "override redirect" - an x term for windows that bypass the
window manager. (the override the redirection wm's ask for for window mapping).

> Double buffered swaps

read up on opengl and double buffering an swapping buffers.

> Triple buffered swaps

same as double buffered.. but 3 of them

> Adding missing App files (wizard module)

e adds desktop files (average uses have no idea what a desktop file is) for
apps e found that have no such file. eg mplayer - this way u have an icon u
can select in efm to play videos via mplayer. without it you have to make your
own. these desktop files are there as a convenience to users to make e more
usable out of the box.

Sérgio Marques