On 9/27/05, Andreas Volz <lists@brachttal.net> wrote:

Useability is also a question of "good" defaults. I'm not sure, but do
you really think there're more users that use this sloopy mouse
function (which is default) than the focus by click mode? ;-)
This depends on your background. If you are used to using window mangers with sloppy focus as default then this will probably be your preference (Personally it is the first thing I turn on if I am using a different window manager eg: gnome). I would think that most people migrating to e17 would be used to sloppy focus.

Only one example. I think the default settings should be what most
users like and not what the main developers like. - Only my small
opinion! There're more examples like this...
Actually I think the default should be what the main developers like, they are developing it after all, as long as there is an easily accessible option to change the default.

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