On 12/23/05, Morten Nilsen <morten@nilsen.com> wrote:
Thomas Coppi wrote:
> I belive it has to do with composite not updating sections that it doesn't
> think need to be updated, but that's just a guess.
> On 12/23/05, Mark R. Bowyer < moredhel@earthling.net> wrote:
>> On Fri, 2005-12-23 at 12:48, Morten Nilsen wrote:
>>> Mark R. Bowyer wrote:
>>>> I can stick with 0.17 if this can't be fixed.  There are a few
>>>> annoyances with the way the title bar sometimes gets corrupted that
>>>> appear to be a lot better in pre1, but otherwise, I can't use the
>>>> composite stuff, and never see any crashes, so...
>>> hmm.. I've seen the titlebar bug myself a few times.. it only happens
>>> with maximized windows (maximize mode: fullscreen) and I've only seen it
>>> with the gant theme (not that I've used the default or any other theme
>>> that much)
>> I've seen it with all sized windows, and I use only Winter with
>> transparency turned on.  I've always assumed it was more of an ImLib2
>> bug on Solaris, but have since seen it on Linux too.  And it goes away
>> if you switch focus out and in again...

I don't use transparency, and thus, not composite..

are we actually talking about the same bug here?

screencap of the bug I see, non-essential bits clipped..


That appears similiar to what I'm seeing, but I only see it with the composite manager enabled...

Thomas Coppi