I'm interested in do the portability to M$-Win.
Because i use it @ work because is the enterprise-wide-desktop-(forced)choice
So, months after this mail, I ask if are interested to make a port, but, raster sayd me that are not interested, but, because i'm like a fly over the fruit, i tell again.

I want to port E to Windows/DirectX/Opengl(over Win) to make a lot of biSOs(*nix/windows) users happy.

Please, say, yes :P

QliX=D! [Aka Ezequiel Brizuela]

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Am Tue, 22 Feb 2005 04:06:54 -0500 schrieb Jose O Gonzalez:

> > they have apps, communities, publicity and big, mature toolkits and
> > everyone
> > thinks they are trying to "kill microsoft" so they all rally behind
> > them.
> >
>       Ok. But, the apps and stuff may follow from a 'mature toolkit'..
> So what is it about their toolkits that is so much more 'mature'?
>       Who out there would like to spell this out in detail --
> What do the EFL's need in order to be as 'mature'?

One reason (but not the most important) for me to use GTK+ for
programming is MS-Windows support. Many peoply (including me) don't use
MS-Windows, but *many* others do! So portability (not only for UNIX like
systems) is a important thing. How portable is the EFL? Does it run
(without X-Server) on OSX or MS-Windows? These are the questions for me
to be a 'mature' toolkit. Did someone try to port EFL to MS-Windows?
Will this be an easy task? I searched for this information on the E
website, but found nothing. Could someone answer this?


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