Hi all!!:
        I'm Invited to a 3ra. Opened conference of GNU/Linux and Free Software, 12 and 13 of November - 2004, Capital Federal - Buenos Aires - Argentina, and some guys that organize the event, offers my to take a place and make a little Stand and a brief "conference" about anithing i want, so, I think in E17 Proyect instantly.

        So, If U think that its a good idea to put in the LUG stand some things aboutr E17, EFL, etc, and U think that I can make a little "conference" talking about e17, efl, etc, please contact with me and send my everything that U consider necesary to put in the stand and talk in the "conference". I think in some things that u made for the linuxworld can be useful to do it.


Ezequiel Hector Brizuela
Administración De Redes Y Sistemas De Explotación (ARSE)
Centro Nacional De Supervisión De Red - DGSYOR
Telefonica De Argentina S.A.
( Tel: (054) 11 4333 7755
* <mailto:brizueez@telefonica.com.ar>
Corrientes 707   - Piso 7º
Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires
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