This actually has already been suggested.  If you look on the themes page there are a couple with the updated date, though I'm sure the same problem exists: knowing the date the theme was released.  As the information becomes available it will probably be added. 

- Michael (TuxToaster)

On November 2, 2005, Anders Trobäck wrote: wrote:
Quoting Anders Trobäck <>:


if there were a date or a version number on the themes you would know if

there was a change and if you need to download!


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This is coming - eventually. Right now we don´t have a "version" metadata slot yet for previewed items, but I´ve tried to add a version number to the "comments" metadata slot (if there is a version number that is - most unfortunately don´t have one). I´ll try to contact the theme authors if they could decide a version number for their work (can´t just invent them :).



Good, but even if there are a version number it can be intrasting to se how old the themes are! Can't you use the date the file was uploaded?

Thanks for your time and thanks for!!!