Strange... I thought E was about user choice and flexibility, not making assumptions about what people will or will not want.

Personally I would never have a flash backdrop (actually my desktops are so cluttered I never even see my backdrops), but I can imagine people wanting it.

Could this whole discussion be made irrelevant if people could "full-screen" (borderless) an application and push it to the bottom layer? Then anyone could effectivly make *any* application their background. I am struggling to think how this would differ from the conventional notion of a background.

Stefan Held wrote:
Am Die, 2003-03-11 um 10.17 schrieb Richard Martin:
Sorry to kick up this thread again, but...

Why not make the background an html browser which supports plug-ins.
That way backgrounds could be written in plain html, html with
javascript or even Flash. You can't get more flexible than that.


Come on guys you ever watched your CPU Stress if you look at a flash
site with mozilla? I think nobody realy want's a background that is
eating 30% of their CPU's power.

Get back to the Ground. 


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