Sorry to kick up this thread again, but...

Why not make the background an html browser which supports plug-ins. That way backgrounds could be written in plain html, html with javascript or even Flash. You can't get more flexible than that.

Corey Donohoe wrote:
* Ibukun Olumuyiwa ( wrote:
On Thu 27 Feb 2003, Corey Donohoe wrote:
* Ibukun Olumuyiwa ( wrote:
I'm thinking more of a generally programmable/customizable background
manager that can do much more than just rotate between a bunch of
static pictures, but actually do some animation, dynamic content etc.
(this sounds like some feature expansion for ebg).
I thought that was what ebits2 would eventually do?  No need to add it
to ebg imo. =)
Hmm, so ebits will be replacing ebg as well? If so it's a good thing, some
library convergence has been needed for some time anyway.

The way raster described the keying structure of ebits2 a while back should
make it relatively easy to embed one or more backgrounds into an ebits2
file.  The current api calls for ebg shouldn't need modification, migrating
from edb to whatever format ebits2 will use only really requires work in the
load/save functions with a possibility of expanding ebg's really small api
if it wanted backward compatability support(atleast until there was
sufficient other stuff to constitute its abandonment).  

Eventually merge this functionality into ebits2.  Then with your ebits2
builder thingie you say the background should be foo(a file on disk, a path
in a ebits2 file, or somethin), I want it on layer n, it should be resized
to w and h, and i want it at x,y.   Dunno how raster would feel about all
this, but that's kinda the way I had envisioned it.

Ask not what ebits2 can do for you, but what you can do for ebits2!
(sorry i couldn't help it)

Corey Donohoe
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