Hello all!
I thought this users list is meant to help people that are interesting in Linux and E! Maybe I was wrong, but I did send my message after a google search and FTP search, this I did after checking www.themes.org and classic...yeh yeh I know them all! If I asked for links I did it because I couldn't find the content on the regular sites.

So, what do you think guys, are we here to help each other or to make funny remarks or even worst, insulting each other.

Give it a 5 min and think about it!
Thanks for all the positive people who answered my e-mail.

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*cough*google is your friend*cough*

www.themes.org, the enlightenment section.

Sorry--I have to make this statement, as rude as it may seem:

I have seen a decent number of valid questions on this list that genuinely belong.  However, I have seen a lot of questions on this list that could have been answered by doing a quick google search or looking at the prog-in-question's man page or --help listing.  I'm all for helping people, but I'm even more for people helping themselves with the really REALLY small stuff.  For example, the first search result when searching google for "enlightenment themes" IS themes.org's enlightenment page.  Now, if the poster had asked a question like "I'd like some hints and tips on creating themes for enlightenment", that would have been cool--even though information about that could have been looked up as well, that's a question that can also be answered here with certain things that people on this list may have done with their enlightenment themes that may not be written on any page.  However, "where can I find enlightenment themes" is a question google can answer quite well.  For a !

good number of years now people have become increasingly comfortable using mailing lists and newsgroups as sql databases, asking any simple little question expecting to get the response back in their mailbox toute de suite, without realizing that the effort they made to post to the list might have even taken more time than the effort they could have made to answer their own question.

I don't mean to be a dick (just my style), but it would be great if the documentation/search engines could be used before posting to this list (not that I'm a moderator or anything; I just thought this needed to be said).

You know what they say: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life."  It would be great if more of the people that hopped on the net for the first time sometime within the last 5 years became more acquainted (or acquainted in the first place) with the wonder that is simply called "search engine".

/me ducks, anticipating angered replies

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