i usually start with gdm but i made a .xinitrc file and with startx some of the problems are gone. like i can execute entangle and emblem. but the create icon button is still not there.

On 9/13/05, Anders Trobäck <enlightenment@troback.com > wrote:
How do you start X and E?

startx or XDM (or similar)?

If try add path in the X rc file. For startx it's ~/.xinitrc and for XDM
it's ~./xsession.


eric dan wrote:
> actually emblem and entangle both return "command not found" from the
> terminal
> morlenxus script installes e17 into /opt/e17 ,which i then put in my path.
> so i don't see how it cannot find those commands.
> On 9/13/05, *eric dan* <vladuz976@gmail.com
> <mailto:vladuz976@gmail.com >> wrote:
>     hi i nstalled e17 from cvs today with morlenux script.
>     i also just installed ubuntu today so everything is fresh.
>     the emblem and entangle in the menu under "configure" don't work.
>     they return a pop up saying "command not found"
>     from the term i can start them though.
>     also i cannot create icons for applications. when i follow
>     instructions and click on the top corner the menu doesn't have the
>     option "create icon" as i had it on my old machine.
>     it seems odd.
>     was that moved somewhere else?
>     thanks


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