Hi Massimo,
Your speed is awesome ! I am just doing that and you have finished it ! :-)



在2008-11-29,"Massimo Maiurana" <maiurana@gmail.com> 写道:
>RageCryX, il 28/11/2008 22:33, scrisse:
>> Updates for: e, E-MODULES-EXTRA
>> Updated modules: alarm, efm_nav, efm_path, emu, iiirk, language, mail, photo, slideshow, taskbar, tclock, tiling
>all in svn :)
>> PS. I would like to ask you. Is it possible to include a choice for greek language on the first-run "wizard" of E17 ?
>a few questions about it:
>is Ελληνικά the correct name for the greek language?
>is E-MODULES-EXTRA/language/data/themes/images/GRE_flag.png the 
>correct greek flag, with the right colors (I've seen flags with 
>various types of blue)?
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