What is your website address? I think if Enlightenment.org consists of 
mostly static pages, you can mirror it, or you can make a mirror site 
like enlightenment.cn (this domain is not registered, I checked. I can 
register it.)

Falling off-topic: You may have a hard time registering "Enlightenment.cn" in China. Enlightenment is not only a Buddhist term, it carries some more political charge. That's why I think China blocks "enlightenment.org". It's not a country that would want their people enlightened (they even try to keep Hong Kong down! Not that that really seems to work here...), and their track record on political issues is not exactly great. Then they probably block websites more on name/topic/keyword than actual content, as that saves them a lot of work.

Just some thoughts from a concerned expat in Hong Kong.

(please no political discussions here, that's not what this group is for. I stretched the topic far enough.)