Have you sampled K or Gnome under Mandrake?
How about either one under Redhat 9? 
BOTH distros customize the HELL out of the window managers.
I installed Redhat 9 so that E would be easier to build but the customizations
to K were so extensive that I formatted the harddrive and reinstalled Mandrake 9.1.

I'll take a known evil over an unknown evil any day...

On Sun, 2003-05-25 at 15:21, phriedrich wrote:
 > I remember that in a mdk 8.x box all E themes had a font different that
> the one they were shipped with.
> in ganymede theme was a pain because the font did not fit menus, and in
> bluesteel the standard lucida font was much less beautiful than the
> original that was used in the theme.

Ok, that i hadn't recogneized because I don't use these themes.

But in fact I would says it's nice that a distributor like Mandrake is delivers his linux
with such an alternative desktop enviroment...

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