Too bad I don't have a middle click (two buttons, no scroller or so).

Anyway thanks for the advice, I'll give it a look!

And gmc? No clue about that... since gnome v2 is that one not included anymore. Used to be a really nice one, actually liked it best as well so far (browsed tgz, rpm, etc nicely - very convenient sometimes)

(noorderbuur :-))

On Sun, 2003-03-02 at 20:06, Frank Van Damme wrote:
On Saturday 01 March 2003 13:44, Wouter van Marle wrote:
> Dear Enlightenment users,
> One of my first installs of Linux, three, four years ago, was of Gnome
> with highly integrated Enlightenment 15 or so. I don't remember this.
> Since about two years Mandrake comes with Sawfish or whatever - and I
> have tried to install Enlightenment again, but it just doesn't work
> anymore! Then I tried Enlightenment alone - also not a great success.
> So... what to do?
> I loved Enlightenment. Looks nice, good configurable, and reasonably
> fast compared to other window managers.
> I don't need a desktop (the icons that is)
> I like the taskbar with all my current open windows (I really need
> something like that),
> I also want multiple desktops (can't even switch trough mouse flip to
> next screen now, seems to be impossible in Sawfish)
> I do like some version of the start or gnome's foot menu (now a Mandrake
> menu, ah whatever) with all my software more or less ordered, and those
> quick start icons are also really really convenient.

middle-click on desktop?

> And of course all my current software (90% Gnome, nothing KDE based)
> must work.
> Besides that, a good file manager, anything faster than that slow
> Nautilus (slow is my only complaint, for the rest it's great, though it
> is so slow!) will do.
> I would like to have a serious look at Enlightenment again.
> Is E17 good enough for that?
> Or maybe E16.5 with some of the already-stable E17 stuff? Possible?

Even if enlightenment and gnome don't go together anymore (shame!) you can 
still run the gnome panel on Enlightenment. run "panel" or "gnome-panel" from 
a terminal. for a file manager: is the glory of gmc over allready? :-) 

Or else try endeavour mark 2. 

Frank Van Damme

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