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[fb8dd9] by enjo-HQ

ModuleMessaging: documentation

2014-01-11 10:47:17 Tree
[c8a1ed] by enjo-HQ

Small comment change

2014-01-11 09:17:01 Tree
[3aa5cc] by enjomitch

Slightly increased speed by using OrbitElements const references instead of copy constructors

2014-01-10 13:51:00 Tree
[b83064] by enjomitch

- Dropped Auto-Min for Manoeuvre for now
- Displaing reference line of nodes in Manoeuvre mode

2014-01-10 13:22:58 Tree
[c47bff] by enjomitch

TransX: First try of Auto-Min in Manoeuvre

2014-01-10 13:03:09 Tree
[74f32e] by enjomitch

Fixed project settings

2014-01-10 12:23:03 Tree
[f743a0] by enjomitch

added lgpl license to ModuleMessaging

2014-01-10 07:36:14 Tree
[965e4e] by enjomitch

ModuleMessaging: Changed license to LGPL and added changelog

2014-01-10 07:34:01 Tree
[38be66] by enjomitch

Added Result to ModuleMessaging

2014-01-09 20:36:33 Tree
[b61c5d] by enjo-HQ

Doxygen comment

2014-01-09 20:13:09 Tree
[5eb905] by enjomitch

Updated dates in Readme

2014-01-09 19:33:52 Tree
[118f66] by enjomitch

TransX: readme

2014-01-09 14:52:00 Tree
[92b23e] by enjomitch

small readme update

2014-01-09 14:12:15 Tree
[2668da] by enjomitch

TransX: updated readme

2014-01-09 14:00:35 Tree
[df3d2e] by enjomitch

Updated readme

2014-01-09 12:28:53 Tree
[3ffd98] by enjomitch

Moved doc and scenarios to appropriate directory

2014-01-09 12:21:44 Tree
[e9a3ae] by enjomitch

Updated Readme to Topper's version

2014-01-09 12:18:47 Tree
[c030e7] by enjomitch

BTC: Changed .dll name, and added readme

2014-01-09 12:11:40 Tree
[c06f2b] by enjomitch

Credited atomicdryad for 'ENT' button

2014-01-09 11:28:01 Tree
[854aad] by enjomitch

Proper referencing of ModuleMessaging headers

2014-01-09 10:36:45 Tree
[1c6b53] by enjomitch

- BTC: not accepting negative time to burn, but still accepting dv in the same go
- ModuleMessaging: doxygen comments

2014-01-09 10:26:28 Tree
[b360c0] by enjomitch

BTC: Moved MFD buttons accodring to their popularity

2014-01-09 05:37:32 Tree
[416dfa] by enjomitch

Updated project files

2014-01-08 18:46:49 Tree
[465792] by enjomitch

TransX: Ejection Plan also sends a message to BTC

2014-01-08 15:05:36 Tree
[79d358] by enjomitch

ModuleMessaging: added missing types and using a template to get data from maps

2014-01-08 14:40:24 Tree
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