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[44f5ec] by enjomitch

BTC: Fixed RCS double inclusion when RCS engine was selected

2014-02-02 18:07:04 Tree
[381968] by enjomitch

Project files update

2014-02-02 11:58:24 Tree
[41e3d0] by enjomitch

BTC: "Orbit freeze" bug resolved
BTC: include RCS & changed TBurn ID to InstantaneousBurnTime
MM: IDs are now all lower cased
TransX: Moved BurnTime code to a library, for future reuse with BTC & dummy sketchpad init

2014-02-02 11:57:51 Tree
[26d229] by enjomitch


2014-02-01 21:42:00 Tree
[783bf5] by enjomitch

BTC: resolved the sporadic freeze on startup bug
TransX: trying to do the same, but unconfirmed

2014-02-01 21:40:37 Tree
[5f280b] by enjo-HQ

Updated HUDDrawer and MM docs

2014-01-26 10:03:08 Tree
[607147] by enjomitch

ModuleMessaging: changed license to LGPL

2014-01-25 20:38:58 Tree
[37c43f] by enjomitch

- BTC: now uses Orbiter 2010 drawing API
- added VS 2013 project files

2014-01-25 19:55:03 Tree
[7cf23f] by enjomitch

BTC: updated readme

2014-01-18 17:48:12 Tree
[38460f] by enjomitch

BTC: Works as a MultipleVesselsMFD client & added RCS engines

2014-01-18 17:41:13 Tree
[a92360] by enjomitch

HUDDrawer SDK, BTC: replaced deprecated MFDMODESPEC

2014-01-18 09:50:23 Tree
[eb4f53] by enjomitch

BTC: Fixed CTD when switching MFDs

2014-01-16 17:57:30 Tree
[f44412] by enjomitch

LaunchMFD: not using deprechated MFD init anymore

2014-01-12 10:01:27 Tree
[7761fe] by enjomitch

Final readme updates

2014-01-11 17:04:36 Tree
[105245] by enjomitch


2014-01-11 15:39:29 Tree
[332398] by enjomitch

Pre-release project settings

2014-01-11 15:36:20 Tree
[1c37e4] by enjomitch

ModuleMessaging: Changed license to GPL

2014-01-11 15:05:10 Tree
[c65f02] by enjomitch

LaunchMFD: reads TransX' altitude from Escape Plan

2014-01-11 14:05:35 Tree
[2606d7] by enjomitch

LaunchMFD: Added ModuleMessaging to vcproj

2014-01-10 19:56:11 Tree
[79c55b] by enjo-HQ

ModuleMessaging: Added GPL license

2014-01-11 10:51:14 Tree
[fb8dd9] by enjo-HQ

ModuleMessaging: documentation

2014-01-11 10:47:17 Tree
[c8a1ed] by enjo-HQ

Small comment change

2014-01-11 09:17:01 Tree
[3aa5cc] by enjomitch

Slightly increased speed by using OrbitElements const references instead of copy constructors

2014-01-10 13:51:00 Tree
[b83064] by enjomitch

- Dropped Auto-Min for Manoeuvre for now
- Displaing reference line of nodes in Manoeuvre mode

2014-01-10 13:22:58 Tree
[c47bff] by enjomitch

TransX: First try of Auto-Min in Manoeuvre

2014-01-10 13:03:09 Tree
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