info-header in wrong tab

  • tom

    tom - 2014-05-08

    Hi :-)

    I use to have several tabs open with messages.
    When new mail is fetched in the background the password dialog will pop up over the tab I'm currently working with.
    After entering the password to decrypt the new mail in background, the green info header is put on the currently open tab which actually has nothing to do with the recently decrypted message.

    Not important to fix.
    Just wanted to know: broken for all or is it just me?

    Linux, TB 24.2.0, EM 1.6


  • Patrick Brunschwig

    I'd say broken for all. I implemented quite a few things that this should not happen, but I know there are still cases when it does happen.

  • tom

    tom - 2014-05-12

    Thanks for info :)


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