pinentry does not immediately get the focus

Bat Guano
  • Bat Guano

    Bat Guano - 2013-04-25

    Good afternoon and sorry for the double posting.

    Please see this posting in context with my older contribution in the thread about multiple pinentry-boxes when using GnuPG2.

    The behaviour of Eingmail is all the more unnerving (also so richtig jetzt), as none the first one of the pinentry-boxes does initially not get the keyboard-focus. Sorry for the wrong report in my first message; only the first box is affected.

    Bot not enough with the need to first click into the box to be able to enter your passphase, NOOOohooo!! Keys that you push before you notice that the pinentry does not get any input, appear to be buffered all the same and your subsequent correction (click into the pinentry-field, enter passphrase once again) results in a wrong passphrase and error.

    Define torture.

    Enigmail 1.5.1. Sorry, pals, but I seem to be unable to accustom myself to the additional actions that Enigmail demands before my passphrase is accepted.

    Nix für ungut.

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  • Patrick Brunschwig

    By default, most versions of pinentry grab the focus automatically -- unless you configure gpg-agent to tell pinentry not to do so (option no-grab in gpg-agent.conf).

    PS. Both pinentry and gpg-agent are part of GnuPG, not Enigmail.

  • Bat Guano

    Bat Guano - 2013-04-26

    @Patrick, I begin to discern the project-boundaries (again). Enigmail is too easy to use and after years I tend to mix-up things.

    But ... (hehe)

    in context with the duplicated pinentry I can construct some indication of pertinence around my report. Okay, as GPA is picky as regards library-dependencies, I will stick with Enigmail anyway. gpg-agent appears to not be installed on my system.

    PGPClick had been the best front-end anyway.

    Last edit: Bat Guano 2013-04-26

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