Can't decrypt message

  • Tom7320

    Tom7320 - 2014-05-07


    I have a strange problem trying to decrypt a message from a friend of
    mine who composes his messages with Apple Mail/GPGMail. I can see his
    message within my Inbox, it has two attachments ("PGPMIME Versions
    Identification" and "encrypted.asc"). But my Thunderbird 24.5.0/Enigmail
    1.6 is not able to decrypt the message and verify the signature?! On the
    command line I can decrypt/verify the message. Also I can decrypt/verify
    with my own Apple Mail Client. Thus I think this is a bug within
    Enigmail... Is there a way to fix this? Here is a major part of the
    source of a test message:

    From: ...
    To: ...
    Subject: PGPGPG-Test
    Thread-Topic: PGPGPG-Test
    Thread-Index: AQHPXlTWkeeBC78ZtEu5bRsRqjo1fw==
    Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:01:20 +0000
    Message-ID: 487CA420-773A-4EA6-A828-512F06973E24@...
    Accept-Language: de-DE, en-US
    Content-Language: en-US
    X-MS-Has-Attach: yes
    x-originating-ip: []
    Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

    Content-Type: application/pgp-encrypted;
    name="PGPMIME Versions Identification"
    Content-Description: PGP/MIME Versions Identification
    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="PGPMIME Versions Identification";
    size=13; creation-date="Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:01:20 GMT";
    modification-date="Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:01:20 GMT"
    Content-ID: 77C154A3D62837418C06A679AF42A190@united-hoster.local
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64


    Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name="encrypted.asc"
    Content-Description: OpenPGP encrypted message.asc
    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="encrypted.asc"; size=1919;
    creation-date="Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:01:20 GMT";
    modification-date="Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:01:20 GMT"
    Content-ID: B67E2A1A88FD434E9314F2AA7D471C42@united-hoster.local
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64



    Thanks a lot!



  • Patrick Brunschwig

    The message looks like, but is not a PGP/MIME message. The content type for PGP/MIME messages is defined to be "multipart/encrypted; protocol='application/pgp-encrypted'". The content-type of the message you provided is "multipart/mixed". That's a standard content-type handled by Thunderbird, Enigmail cannot access it, even if I wanted to.

  • Tom7320

    Tom7320 - 2014-05-08

    Thanks a lot for your answer! I'll investigate that and report again!!

  • Tom7320

    Tom7320 - 2014-05-09

    Is it possible, that MS Exchange Mail Server alters a message that way?

  • Patrick Brunschwig

    Yes, there are some versions of Exchange that are known to do this.


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