Option to turn off pop-up

  • Mike

    Mike - 2013-04-10

    Would it be possible to make the pop-ups optional when you click on a message in Thunderbird that contains encryption?

    I don't mean make it optional so it automatically shows the plain text without entering the pass phrase, but just so it leaves it encrypted until I manually click the "Decrypt" button.

    I get a lot of messages where only part of it is encrypted & I don't need that part revealed every time I click the message.

    Plus it would be less annoying when deleting a message & the next one has encryption in it, triggering the pop-up.


  • Patrick Brunschwig

    Menu OpenPGP > Automatically decrypt/verify messages.

    In case you don't see the menu option, go to OpenPGP > Preferences first, and click on "Display Expert Settings".

    HOWEVER: this works for inline-PGP only. Due to the way Thunderbird works, it is currently not possible to manually decrypt PGP/MIME messages

  • Samuel Abreu de Paula

    This behaviour really annoys me, so i did a ugly hack on 1.5.2 source to avoid it.

    Patch is attached but its needed extract content of chrome/enigmail.jar, apply it then recreate the enigmail.jar.

    Its not tested at all.

  • Patrick Brunschwig

    Why don't you simply disable automatic encryption using the foreseen menu option (OpenPGP > Automatically decrypt/verify messages)? You will then simply have to click on the "Decrypt" button if you want to decrypt or verify a message.

  • Samuel Abreu de Paula

    Its disabled, but still try to auto decrypt on PGP/MIME messages.


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