I'm happy to announce the availability of Enigmail v1.6, a new major version for Thunderbird 17.x, Thunderbird 24 and newer, and SeaMonkey 2.16.x and newer. There were several new features added and
several bugs, issues and regressions found in the past months were fixed. Furthermore, this release ensures compatibility with the latest releases of Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.

Notable Changes

  • The setup wizard can now download and install GnuPG as part of the setup process on Windows and Mac OS X.
  • The passphrase timeout configuration in Enigmail is now read and written from/to gpg-agent.
  • New dialog to change the expiry date of keys.
  • New function to search for the OpenPGP keys of all Address Book entries on a keyserver.

Obtaining Enigmail

Enigmail can be downloaded from https://www.enigmail.net/download/index.php
The changelog is available from https://www.enigmail.net/download/changelog.php

As usually, it will take up to two weeks until the version will be available from addons.mozilla.org.