#60 Split option for Automatically Decrypt/Verify Messages


Bug 24155 migrated from Mozdev.org

I have been enjoying Enigmail a lot over the years but one thing is quite an

The "Automatically Decrypt/Verify Messages" option is useful on one side, the
verification, but not for the decryption part, this as one would like to see if
a signature is correct, which can be done without entering your passphrase,
while decryption requires entering a passphrase.

As such, I would love it if the option was split into two parts:
- Automatically Decrypt Messages
- Automatically Verify Messages

I (and other folks ;) will be happy, and existing users have a simple upgrade
path where the tool at new release time can just enable both when it is set
already, afterwards it can be changed then anyway.

This would remove this annoyance when going over a crypted mail and that
requester pops up for entering your passphrase which you don't want to enter
all the time as you don't want to look at that message ;)
At the moment I just have the automatic part disabled, but I would like to have
signatures checked automatically for the mails that carry them, therefor this
request :)

Keep up the good work!


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