#22 RFE: "Save and Decrypt All"


Bug 16235 migrated from Mozdev.org

Currently, the attachment context menu has "Decrypt and Save As" and "Save All"
(encrypted). It would be super helpful to have an additional "Decrypt and Save
All" option on the menu, so that numerous attachments can be decrypted and
saved out to the filesystem at once. Currently this has to be done
individually, or "Save All" used and then decrypted manually on the filesystem.

------- Comment #1 From Dave McKee 2007-01-20 15:32:50 [reply] -------

In a highly similar vein [hence posting under this bug], it would be useful
if selecting multiple files and selecting 'Decrypt and Save As...' functioned
in the same way as 'Save As...' - specifically, to repeatedly bring up the
'Save As...' dialog for each selected file.


  • Olav Seyfarth

    Olav Seyfarth - 2015-10-03

    If one selects multiple attachements, rightclicks and "Decrypt and Saves", one should expect that all selected attachments are processed. Instead, only the first is processed. Thus, if one relies to all selected files being saved, this might result in loss of data. Therefore, I also mark this a bug, not only an enhancement.

  • Olav Seyfarth

    Olav Seyfarth - 2015-10-03
    • Found in Version: before_1.4 --> 1.8.2
    • Severity: Enhancement --> Minor
    • Operating System: --> All
    • Fixed in version: --> ---
  • Ludwig Hügelschäfer

    Thunderbird groups multiple attachments. The pop-up after right-click offers "Decrypt and save as..." which does nothing. However, if one clicks on the "save all" button on the right, all attachments are saved in the selected folder, at least for a PGP/MIME mail! I think we should trigger this for the right-click on the grouped attachment, too.


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