#189 Import Keys from Clipboard


It's possible to import keys from the clipboard. It in "Key Management"->"Edit"->"Import Keys from Clipboard".

Unfortunately, the import aborts after the first found key. If a private key section is in the clipboard, it will be abandoned.

I added a loop in the import function, so any number of keys in the clipboard will be imported.

Testcases for the previous and the new behaviour are included. These testcases will work with mozmill (if you succeeded in setting it up) and will work with the thunderbird addon UxU (which I am using).

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  • Patrick Brunschwig

    To be precise: the import doesn't stop after the 1st found key, but after the first found key block. A key block can contain an arbitrary number of keys.

  • mquintus

    mquintus - 2013-09-16

    This may be true, but still it's not possible to import private keys from the clipboard. When I export my key, I get two blocks: One for the public key and one for the private key.

    I need this change, because I want to implement unit test for all the functions and have testkeys in them. These testkeys must be imported somehow.

  • Patrick Brunschwig

    Sure, I didn't say that I won't review the patch :)

  • mquintus

    mquintus - 2013-09-20

    Do you have objections on the behaviour?

  • Patrick Brunschwig

    I did not have the time to review the patch so far.

  • Patrick Brunschwig

    I finally found the time to review the patch.

    The patch looks fine, but I have one problem with it: I don't want the test case files in the same directory as the source code. Otherwise the directories will soon be very messy.

  • Ludwig Hügelschäfer

    Any progress here?


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