#155 Enigmail thinks attached public key is encrypted when it isn't

gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.13

If I send an email with an attached public key, with the MIME type text/plain, Enigmail seems to think the attachment is encrypted (e.g. it offers the "Decrypt and ..." options and does not allow direct importing of the key from the context menu).


  • Patrick Brunschwig

    Detection is based on the MIME content type. It would not be reasonable to download the attachment just to detect what actions are exactly possible.

    What happens if you try to decrypt and open the attachment?

  • Stefan Parviainen

    Nothing in the email is encrypted, yet Enigmail offers me the option to decrypt (the unencrypted) attachment. The "Decrypt and open" option simply opens the attachment, I don't get any error or such. Everything works, it seems to be just an UI error.

    I've attached an email that illustrates the problem. Nothing is encrypted, yet if you open it in Thunderbird with Enigmail you get the "Decrypt and ..." options.

  • Stefan Parviainen

    I do partially agree with you about not offering the direct import of the key since it has the wrong MIME type. OTOH I do see a "Click Decrypt button to import public key block in message" notification, so Enigmail seems to anyway be aware that the attachment contains a public key. Therefore, offering the "Import OpenPGP Key" option would not be totally unreasonable.


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