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 VisualC 2005-10-03 dheck [r50] - added project files for visual studio (out of...
 attic 2010-12-31 raoul [r2195] -> Burning animation for bomb items (gfx64 only)
 builds 2009-08-13 ral [r1781] Trunk 1.1:
 data 2011-09-17 a_abraham [r2224] Fixed text.
 doc 2011-09-17 a_abraham [r2225] - Added exclude path for doxygen
 etc 2010-05-10 ral [r2082] fix #13561: Mac OS X executable case mismatch o...
 intl 2009-05-01 a_abraham [r1654] Added datarootdir for autoconf
 lib-src 2011-08-31 raoul [r2219] -> Compile error fix for libpng 1.5
 m4 2008-01-05 dheck [r968] Added .gitignore files to make git happy
 po 2010-09-14 a_abraham [r2124] - Added german translations for levels (some ma...
 src 2011-09-23 a_abraham [r2236] Added reload of levels on F7 (Update levelpack)...
 tools 2009-11-30 raoul [r1888] -> Removed some old unused developer tools
 .gitignore 2008-01-05 dheck [r968] Added .gitignore files to make git happy
 ABOUT-NLS 2005-08-23 ral [r42] svn:eol-style native added for all editable fil...
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 INSTALL 2005-08-23 ral [r42] svn:eol-style native added for all editable fil... 2009-12-19 ral [r1929] Trunk 1.1:
 README 2010-09-21 a_abraham [r2129] Added, increased level count.
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 compile 2005-08-23 ral [r42] svn:eol-style native added for all editable fil... 2011-09-15 raoul [r2221] -> Hundreds of new sokoball levels from David W...
 enigma 2006-09-10 dheck [r298] - simplified Font::breakString, also moved it o...
 mkinstalldirs 2005-08-23 ral [r42] svn:eol-style native added for all editable fil...

Read Me

About Enigma

Enigma is a unique puzzle game, with influences from almost every game
genre.  Your objective is easily explained: you control a small black
marble with your mouse and have to find and uncover all pairs of
identical Oxyd stones in each landscape.  Simple? Yes.  Easy? It would
be, if it weren't for hidden traps, vast mazes, insurmountable
obstacles and innumerable puzzles blocking your direct way to the Oxyd
stones... If you like puzzle games and have a steady hand, Enigma's
more than 1500 levels will probably keep you busy for hours on end.

Enigma is developed by a small group of volunteers, and help is always
appreciated.  If you like Enigma and want to contribute to its future,
you are welcome to join us on our development mailing list at

or simply send email to

Every kind of contribution is welcome, whether it is programming,
documentation, graphics, sound effects, or simply good advice.

The official Enigma homepage can be found at

If you have any questions, suggestions, or contributions, feel free to
send email to the mailing list.  Have fun!

    The Enigma Team

Playing Enigma

Please refer to the user manual for instructions on how to play Enigma,
or simply start with the tutorial levels included with the game.


Installation on Windows and Mac OS X is straightforward: Simply download
the appropriate .exe or .dmg file and start it with a double click.

Things get a little more complicated for other operating systems,
please refer to Enigma's download page
for up-to-date information.  If you are running some kind of Unix system,
you have always the option of compiling Enigma yourself; this is
explained in the next section.

There may or may not be binaries for the Linux distribution of your choice,
and they may or may not work on your computer.  This is not our fault:
packaging a Linux version that works everywhere is almost impossible,
thanks to countless subtle and not-so-subtle differences between each
and every Linux distribution.  Please complain to your vendor if this
bugs you.

Compiling Enigma

This section briefly describes how to compile Enigma on a Unix
machine.  If you want to build Enigma on Windows or Mac OS X, please
see the documentation in `doc/README.mingw32' and `doc/README.macosx',

For a list of libraries and programs that must be installed to compile
Enigma, please refer to `doc/REQUIREMENTS' for a complete list.

Once you have everything installed, building Enigma is as easy as typing

    ./ && ./configure && make && make install

in the enigma directory.


Enigma is free software.  You may copy and modify it under the terms
of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or, at your option, any
later version.  For details, please refer to the accompanying

  Please refer to the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS file that comes with Enigma for
copyright information and licensing terms of external dependencies and
contributions to this project.

  To my best of our knowledge the included sound effects are either in the
public domain or freely distributable.  We weren't able to pin down the
exact origin of each sound file -- the copyrights of which we are aware
are collected in soundsets/enigma/README.  Please refer to this list
before using the samples in your productions. 

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