Basic 3D Engine Level Editor / News: Recent posts

Help Wanted!

I am looking for developers and designers to get this project going. Please check out the positions I am looking for and apply if interested. ~Ken

Posted by Ken Buckler 2001-12-12

3D Engine Uploaded

I've uploaded my copy of the 3D engine since Erwin's seems to be offline.

Posted by Ken Buckler 2001-12-12

Classes added to documentation

I know it's been a while, but today I added the classes for 3D points and polygons.

Posted by Ken Buckler 2001-12-11

File Format Posted

In the documentation section, the file format for the 3d engine's .dat files is now posted. Many thanks to Erwin for letting me use his 3d engine!

Posted by Ken Buckler 2001-07-26