Re-ordering the Use cases

  • H B

    H B - 2010-05-24

    While using, I had a need to re-order the Use Case EVENTs and their associated EXTENSIONS. I basically had to recreate pretty much from scratch. Is there an easy way to reorder the EVENTS and the EXT. (sort of like "Move-Up" and "Move-Down" facility ?)

    Another way I discovered was to shut down - renumber in the database and then re-start, but that is not using the user interface.

    Any ideas ?

  • Ezequiel Cuellar

    Interesting point. I'll take a look at it and see what solution I can come up with.

    Thanks for the input.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-06-01

    The same would also go for test steps I would think.

  • Ken Kopelson

    Ken Kopelson - 2011-02-17

    Yes indeed… I evaluated this tool for about an hour and basically, while I like it in general, it does not support agile well enough to be useful in the real world, especially for enterprise development.

    As we all know, agility is all about the ability to change, and basically that means more than merely changing whether a use-case is in some particular iteration.  Test case steps need to be easily changeable, which would allow inserting new ones and moving them around with drag-n-drop.  Generally, all the lists in the program that contain anything with dates/times need to be easily adjustable with drag-n-drop.

    I had such high hopes for this tool, but until it has usability features it really is too hard to use… which means it takes too much time to use in a real live high-pressure situation.

    Also, in agile development test cases are not created in isolation… they are attached to use-cases, steps, defects, etc.  In Test-Driven-Development, which is gaining much more widespread usage as an agile mainstay, the test case is actually part of the use-case definition.  I would suggest a database/screen linkage between a use-case and a set of test cases.

    Also, please provide ways to create test cases while defining a test plan.  It is way too cumbersome to have to pre-think all the test cases outside of the context of creating a test plan.  Generally, wherever you can assign something, you should have the ability to optionally create one at that same point, so there should be a "Add" button on any screen that allows assignment.

    Other usability features would be telling the program how long each iteration is, and you could just press an add iteration button and it would automatically set the start and stop dates.

    Don't get me wrong… I really like the tool and the progress you have made so far… that is why I am anxious to see it get to a stage where it is usable.  Perhaps I can help in some way.  I've been developing software professionally for 32 years.

  • Ezequiel Cuellar

    Hello kbkop

    We welcome your feedback as it is the only way we can keep improving however your point about saying that Endeavour is not usable and that it does not provide usable features is completely inaccurate.

    I would invite you to compare the wide range of features that Endeavour supports with many expensive and fancy proprietary SaaS offerings  and you will clearly see that Endeavour succeeds where many others fail all this without scarifying simplicity.

    I gladly accept your suggestions for easy on usability and will put them in our feature request list.

    Also we would always welcome any contributions to our project like code fixes or improvements specially if they target what our weak areas might be and even better if they are coming from a 32 year veteran :)

  • E.Giralt

    E.Giralt - 2012-03-25

    Hi, e-cuellar:

    I think the most important of kbkop says is not that Endeavour is usable or not, but the points that suggest to improve it. I think that one of the most interesting tips is to improve is the way how you set the start and final dates for tasks, iterations and use cases:  using duration values would be more agile indeed.

    Some tips of my own collection:

    Would be nice to show UML diagrams in the visualization of use cases. Check the yUML ( service.. it is an easy way to show those diagrams.

    Also, please provide ways to generate all the documentation in a whole document, with all the use-cases, iterations, tasks, etc.


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