Enblend Web Log

Commit Date  
[42bccd] by yuv@fireside.sfina.com

improved news/older news
fixed some typos / licenses
moved from subfolder to documentroot

2009-12-18 21:50:30 Tree
[2ccfac] by yuv@fireside.sfina.com

forgot .htaccess

2009-12-17 18:18:53 Tree
[4bba80] by yuv@fireside.sfina.com

initial commit of new 2010 website completely remodeled.

2009-12-17 18:15:33 Tree
[932a50] by yuv

split older news away from main page

2009-10-14 04:23:47 Tree
[d4ec8a] by yuv

initial fix of Frontpage madness

2009-10-14 03:55:24 Tree
[cea30d] by yuv

removed blank lines (just a committ to test email notifications)

2009-10-06 03:49:37 Tree
[35498e] by yuv

updated link to bug tracker
added link to hugin-ptx
removed a lot of white space (but more frontpage cruft is left to be removed)

2009-10-06 01:58:56 Tree
[c392b9] by yuv@localhost.localdomain

initial import of the website from CVS

2009-10-05 21:47:55 Tree