enblend warning deletes panorama

  • chrysmun

    chrysmun - 2010-03-11

    hi, i use enblend to combine some 80 odd images

    enblend.exe -o pano_enblend.png *overlap.png

    it runs smoothly for the first 60 or so, and then tells me:
    enblend: info: loading next image: image_00192_08.jpg_CP.png_img_overlap.png 1/1
    enblend: warning: some images are redundant and will not be blended

    enblend: info: loading next image: image_00196_04.jpg_CP.png_img_overlap.png 1/1
    enblend: warning: failed to detect any seam
    enblend: mask is entirely black, but white image was not identified as redundant
    enblend: info: remove invalid output image "pano_enblend.png"

    but they are not empty! they contain image data and alpha maps just like the other images. and it then does not create any panorama. when i try the troublesome PNGs by themselves (just 4 or so) they combine to a panorama without problem.

    what can i do to ignore warning PNGs and continue to still get a panorama?
    what could be the problem with the troublesome PNGs to produce this warning?


    ps: enfuse runs over all images and produces a panorama.


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