daintydu - 2009-04-06

Sorry to be such a newbie (this program is clearly for people who already know command-line programs, I don't but this really makes me want to learn!). I have searched the forums and generally online for answers and found some, but am unable to get to an initial output where I can start playing with all the options.

Note: I am completely new to command-line programs all together.

I've done the following:

1) Downloaded Enblend-Enfuse 3.2 for Windows from Enblend-Enfuse site.
2) Unzipped resulting main Enblend-Enfuse file.
3) Dragged and dropped contents into C:\Windows.
4) Start/Run/cmd.exe
5) At prompt, typed: enfuse -h

I get a list of all sorts of options which look great. Just not sure what to do next...

I clicked on the "Enfuse Manual" on the Enblend-Enfuse site and am looking at "Command Line Options" where I see the following:

To blend an exposure stack:
enfuse -o output.tif input1.tif input2.tif ...

This looks simple enough but I'm not sure where/how to note the output and input files/filenames? Let's say I have three input images called A_input.tif, B_input.tif and C_input.tif. For the sake of this example, they are located in a file on my desktop called "Enfuse_Test".  How do I tell the program where to find them/where to put the output image?

Thanks so much!