Vegard Brenna - 2009-02-10

I just started using Timothy Armes' LR/Enfuse a couple of days ago, seamlessly opening up Adobe Lightroom to Enfuse.
Everything works better than advertised, with the exception of highlights. The final image (church interior) has blown highlights in all the windows. At least two channels are 255.
Settings are default --wExposure=1 and --wSaturation=0.2
The way I read the documentation, a pixel with one or more blown channels is not well exposed and should be deselected by the weighting algorithms. I have ample "good windows" to choose from (14 exposures in all), but the blown windows are being selected for the final image.

I don't understand this.

Studying the original document
Exposure Fusion by Mertens/Kautz/Van Reeth
I notice that in Fig 5c, Burt et al does a better job at preserving the stained glass windows than the author's 5d. (But the entire image is darker)

Is there a ... tendency buried somewhere to select blown highlights?

Setting --wMu=0.25 instead of the default 0.50 will salvage the windows. Reducing wSigma has no visible effect, except for comparing with Blend mode Difference in Photoshop.

There is a third solution, but that is another thread.