As I said, there is a third solution, but there is a reason I choose to open a different thread for that. It is Entropy.

Timothy Armes' LR/Enfuse comes with Enfuse 3.1, so I immediately had to install Enfuse 3.2 to have this parameter available. I'd like to try an upper cutoff of 98% or lower. That should take care of the highlights.

Problem 1)
Now there is no way to have Enfuse accept this parameter. No matter what I type there, I get
enfuse: illegal numeric format "0.0" of entropy's lower cutoff.
The error occured when trying to run this command:
"..... --EntropyCutoff=0.0:0.98..." and any other logical or illogical combination.
Pay attention. I do not get an error message saying "EnthropeeKutOf unknown parameter". The parameter is parsed and recognized, but the value isn't.

Problem 2)
The source code available for download here
does not seem to be the same as the build I'm running.
A quick glance at some of the main modules shows me only the parameters from 3.1, not the new ones introduced in 3.2. This may be due to my lack of experience with SVC, but at least it is very confusing. I am unable to read the code to find out what the software expects, for instance typing "o" for "0" or whatever