Black rectangles when blending HDR images

  • Marcus Klemm

    Marcus Klemm - 2008-06-04


    I just tried to create HDR panorama photos using hugin. The resulting images have huge rectangular regions with one or more colors missing. Stitching at different reolutions creates different artifacts. You can see a few examples in this image:

    Intermediate files created by nona etc. seem to be okay, the error is produced by enblend. Please let me know if you need any further information.

    I'm using newest enblend compiled from cvs on Ubuntu Hardy. Hugin, libpano13 etc. are also the newest possible.

    Bye, Stormking

    • Bruno Postle

      Bruno Postle - 2008-06-05

      This is probably the same as this hugin bug report:

      Basically hugin/hdr_merge/nona sometimes produces out-of-range EXR data, the workaround is to stitch with hugin using HDR TIFF.

      • Marcus Klemm

        Marcus Klemm - 2008-06-07

        I tried that. I converted the intermediate images produced by hugin/nona to TIFF and started the enblend command by myself. The result was the same.

        Any idea how I can force hugin to use the TIFF format for its temporary files?

        • Bruno Postle

          Bruno Postle - 2008-06-07

          EXR seems to be hard-coded in hugin, a workaround would be to save the project and do some text substitution on the file, though this isn't ideal:


          Then stitch the project on the command-line:

            make -f


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