order of arguments

  • isolki

    isolki - 2007-05-16


    i just noticed something that I didn't expect :
    the order of arguments matters in enblend3,
    i.e. if you type :

    enblend image1.tif image2.tif -o image1-2.tif
    enblend image2.tif image1.tif -o image2-1.tif

    you won't necessarily get the same results.

    i put an example on my website, so that you can try by yourself.
    this one works with enblend-3.0 but you can find examples for enblend-2.5 too.


    does someone know where it can come from ?

    • Andrew Mihal

      Andrew Mihal - 2007-06-06

      Enblend creates a different mask for these two scenarios. The first explanation I can think of is that it splits ties in favor of the first image given on the command line while calculating the mask. I can't think of a particular part of the algorithm responsible for this right now though.


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