Option --save-mask and alignment of the mask

  • Cristian

    Cristian - 2008-11-14

      I have tried to modify the mask generated by the save-mask option in a simple panorama composed of 2 pictures (since, as I read in another thread, there is currently no support for editing the mask of more than 2 images). Anyway the size of the mask appears different from the size of the original images remapped by hugin -- I guess because it is limited to the overlapping regions of the non transparent parts.
    Is there any way to align it automatically in the correct way in the final panorama? Otherwise the manual editing of the mask makes not much sense, since it becomes hard to see where such mask is actually placed.
    Thanks in advance,


    • Brent Townshend

      Brent Townshend - 2008-11-14

      I'll second that.    It would be great if there were some way to make the save-mask/load-mask useful in a way that users could edit the mask in a user-friendly way and get it back into enblend.    Something that could lead to a workflow like:
      - enblend writes out a file that consists of multiple layers with the (blended) image, a layer showing the overlaps, and a seam layer containing the seam line
      - user can change the seam lines using the background and overlap layers as guidance for where they
      - enblend can be run to load that file and uses the seam line points in choosing its seam line.   This would need to be a somewhat intelligent process where it uses the seam line in the file as points that should be on the seam and then fills in any missing points to finish the seam line if needed and then generate the masks.  With a little more intelligence it could also handle multi-image seams by using the same seam line layer as hints for each pairwise seam line generation.

      Something like that would make it reasonable to edit the seam lines.   


    • Mark Payne

      Mark Payne - 2009-02-09

      I'll third that. The --save-mask functionality does not have much use at the moment, unfortunately if you want to either manually edit the mask, or use the generated mask to manually blend in eg photoshop/gimp. There already exists an item under "feature requests" (1709559), so I suggest that we all give it a "bump" if we're interested in it.


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