mike_c - 2009-08-25

I have enfuse working with the droplets and in conjunction with EXIFtool on a Win XP SP2 machine.  The problem I'm having is all the output files from Enfuse seem to be corrupt or else not compatible with my photo editing software.

On Windows preview in Windows Explorer, 16 bit tiffs from Enfuse do not display in color.

Using Canon Digital Professional to convert RAW images to 16 or 8 bit tiffs or jpgs, it will not display enfused tifs (it acknowledges them but "X"s them out) in its folder view screen, nor will it allow editing.

Corel PhotoPaint X4 opens the enfused images, edits and saves them, but will not reopen these images if any attempt is made.  This problem does not occur with images directly output from the Canon software.  PhotoPaint can also be used to convert the RAW images to be dropped into Enfuse.  Doing that, the same problems re-occur.

I made sure of the "-ICC_Profile"  line in the exiftool_enfuse_args.txt file.  Then I tried without the EXIFtool program altogether.  In the droplets batch files, I've tried the -g, -c, -z parameters to no avail.  I've tried different image dimensions.

The color profile on the softwares is set to sRGB.

Is there anything else I can try to get this wonderful program incorporated in my workflow?