Yury Aliaev - 2011-06-10

Hi all,
I'm using enfuse to produce tonemapped image from set of images with different exposition. The problem is following: the resulting image is http://www.my-photo.ru/fp/b/1056/1056821KTxX.jpg In my opinon the foliage behind the cell is a bit overexposed. The darkest image in the series is http://www.my-photo.ru/fp/b/1056/1056822ZCye.jpg where the foliage has normal exposition. But I cannot make enfuse to use foliage from this image. I've tried to play with -wExposure and -wSaturation parameters; they vary slightly some parts of image but the parts with foliage have remained unchanged.  Using the masks is not a solution because the image ceases to be seamless. So I'd be appreciative in any help.